We love hearing from you across the social media platforms that we use. To ensure that everyone has a positive, informative and safe experience, here are a few house rules for being part of our online community:

  • Please comply with each social media platform’s own Terms of Use, which outlines how you and we are allowed to use the platform.  
  • Consider your privacy and the privacy of anyone else involved – do not share personal details such as your address or phone number and don't share details with anyone you don't know. 
  • Be respectful and kind. We have thousands of followers and everyone will have different opinions and experiences of stroke.  
  • We ask that any comments or discussions on our social media channels are respectful to other members, as well as our staff and volunteers. 
  • Please don’t spread false information, or any information that you aren't sure of, or spam or troll our social media accounts. This includes posting persistent negative or abusive posts designed to provoke a response. 
  • Users who don’t adhere to our house rules may have their comments hidden or removed, will not receive a response to direct messages and may be blocked.  
  • For anyone posting abusive, discriminatory, harassing, obscene, violent, unlawful or threatening content or comments on our social media channels, we reserve the right to report your behaviour to the associated social media platform or ban you from our accounts.   

Please do let us know if you think any of the comments on our social media channels violate these house rules by emailing social@stroke.org.uk, sending us a message or reporting them to the relevant platform directly. 
Know what to expect. 
We aim to monitor our main social media platforms 365 days a year. Our core office hours are between 8am and 4pm GMT, Monday to Friday, excluding UK national holidays.

We aim to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible, but please note that some enquiries can take longer to resolve.