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Erin's story
When I called the Stroke Association Helpline I was having difficulties coping with a lot of things. It was a friendly voice at the other end of the phone. They helped me accept that this has happened to me and this is now who I am.
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Baz's story
I woke up and everything was spinning. I lost my mobility, vision and speech. For months afterwards I felt horrible. The work it took me to get into the position I’m in now is unbelievable.
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Claire's story
I was in a café and I felt so nervous. That's when I went on to My Stroke Guide on my phone. I spoke about how I was feeling in the forum, and someone said: "don't worry Claire it's completely natural, I have that every day." For me, that was huge just to get that relief, and it made me carry on through.
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Max's story
It was my seventh birthday party. But I got a pain on the right side of my head. I couldn’t cry because I lost my voice.
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Alaire's story
My volunteering helps me to focus on something other than myself. The role gives me some purpose and makes me feel useful.
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Simon's story
My mum’s stroke left her unable to speak or understand. Please have difficult conversations with your loved ones so you know what their wishes are.
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